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The Best Espresso Machines Under 500 – What You Need to Know?

Are you a coffee addict person? Are you tired of spending your fortune daily on that cup of coffee? Do you need a lifesaving hack for your daily coffee? All your answers will be given in this blog just stick with me till the end. The answer to all your all problems is get yourself an automatic espresso machine and save your precious time in running after the coffee shops and your money as well. You will learn about the best automatic espresso machines under 500 in this blog. 

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You can get amazing automatic espresso machines with best features and lifelong durability in this range. All you have to do is know your priorities and make your decision based on it. Let’s check what options we have

  1. Gaggia Brera

It is one of the best automatic espresso machines under 500. What makes it the best is that it weighs only 19 pounds and it super automatic with the capacity of 41 ounces with aluminum boiler lined stainless steel and rapid steam technology. It has a ceramic grinder, steam wand, water dispenser, and passively heated cup warming tray. You can almost make anything with this machines since it is not preprogrammed. It is nit suggested for people who have high caffeine intake since it does not have a very large water reservoir. 

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Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine - Black/Silver for sale online | eBay
  1. Gaggia Unica

There are many other machines in this budget with bigger water tanks and more functions, Unica is recommended by the professionals as being titled the best combination of form and function which is also available at exceptional prices. Firstly, it is produced by a very big name i.e. Gaggia are one of the major forces in the coffee machine maker’s industry. It is modestly weighed and sized and is composed of ABS plastic. If taken care of properly, a ABS plastic machine can serve you several long years with no complaints. Since Gaggia is known for its durability and reliability, there is no chance that they compromise on the quality of product. 

Gaggia Brera vs Gaggia Unica: What is the difference?
  1. Saeco XSmall Vapore

It is recommended for all the beginners who have just started to make coffee at home. With being perfectly sized and weighed, it comes in small size that can be placed anywhere and does not take up large space at your kitchen counter. It is one of the best automatic espresso machines under 500 that is not only within the budget but has a durability to offer. It has a big water tank which makes it convenient for the coffee lovers to reserve as much coffee as they desire. 

Xsmall Vapore Super-automatic espresso machine HD8645/47 | Saeco
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